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NVM (Nederlandse Vereniging van Makelaars, Dutch Association of Brokers)
NVM is the largest Dutch association for brokers, appraisers and real estate experts. It was founded in 1898 and is located in Nieuwegein. NVM is active in all market segments and provides targeted support to its members. On behalf of their members, NVM provides strong advocacy for government and politics. Over 4100 brokers and appraisers are affiliated with NVM.

Since its establishment in 2001, Funda has been THE real estate platform of brokers, for both consumers and entrepreneurs. In over 15 years, it grew from a small website to a commonplace. Funda leads the way in using the internet when searching for and finding properties. Funda understands the needs of the internet user and offers the best options for brokers and advertisers. Together we achieve the best result. The real estate world is changing and Funda guarantees the position of the broker and contributes to our daily success. This is why Funda is a brokers best friend.

Pararius is the largest independent housing platform of the Netherlands, accounting for over 70,000 house hunters a year renting or purchasing a home.

The VastgoedCert foundation was established in 2004 to ensure the quality of brokers after the rescission of the obligation to be sworn in. It is a sector-wide platform that takes care of the certification and registration of brokers based on their professional competence.

The NRTV (Nederlands Register Vastgoed Taxateurs, Dutch Register of Property Appraisers) is an organisation founded by appraisers. The appraisers themselves make any appraisal-related management decisions. An Expert Committee is formed per Chamber and sees to any appraisal-related matters.

The proposals of the Expert Committees are submitted to the Central Council. They assess the proposals on both their social and economic feasibility, whether or not after a few consultations.

The Board formally adopts the decisions made by the Central Council. In addition, the Board is responsible for the (financial) continuity of the NRVT, the position of the NRVT in social and economic traffic and the management of the Office.

The NWWI (Nederlands Woning Waarde Instituut, Dutch Property Value Institute) validates reports of house appraisals made by affiliated appraisers. They also ensure every appraisal is drawn up uniformly and in accordance with clear guidelines. Because of this, lenders, intermediaries and consumers get clear, objective and reliable house appraisals which also provide insight into how the appraised value has been achieved.

Brokers’ Association Utrecht
The NVM-Brokers’ Association Utrecht is an informal joint venture between approximately 50 NVM real estate agencies in the city of Utrecht. These agencies share information and understand the importance of collegiality. All brokers find the quality of their services as well as the cooperation with other agencies, important for both the consumer and brokerage in Utrecht. The Brokers’ Association Utrecht organises meetings a few times a year with guest speakers from, among others, the municipality, the notarial profession and the banking sector, to keep informed about the latest developments and regulations. Here, too, collaboration and communication with these parties are paramount, so that the Brokers’ Association Utrecht can better supervise the purchasing process of prospective buyers.

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