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Buying a home

Buying a home is a fun and exciting process. Good guidance, experience, knowledge of the housing market and a broad network are a must. We are happy to help you from start to finish with the search for your new home. Has a certain property already caught your eye? Feel free to contact us! In the process of purchasing a home we will be objective and help you in any way we can.

We use our extensive (NVM) network to anticipate the supply on Funda within the Utrecht city centre and surrounding areas such as De Bilt, Bilthoven, Bosch en Duin and Zeist. During the purchasing process we will provide a nice, open and informal guidance which will help you find your next home sweet home.

Recently bought

Abraham Dolesteeg 12

Predikherenkerkhof 18

Koningsweg 1

Keizersgracht 674 C

Nieuwegracht 32 B

Kerkpad NZ 12 A

Oudekamp 11 G

Breedstraat 118

Wijde Begijnestraat 19

Selling a home

Selling a home is a process which calls for good guidance and knowledge of the market. During this process we use our extensive network, a professional home presentation provided by our photographer and of course a placement on Funda. In addition, we provide full-service guidance and ensure maximum exposure on the market. Every sale requires its own approach, so we would like to explain a few things in a face-to-face conversation. Our goal is to unburden you, from the first step of the sales process up to the transfer of ownership to the notary.

Recently sold

Brigittenstraat 1 D

Bataviastraat 66

Hofstraat 2

Gildstraat 86 B

Jutfaseweg 37

Voorsterbeeklaan 188 +P


Do you need an appraisal of a home? As an official appraiser, Covers Wonen is happy to help you obtain a professional appraisal report. Because of our affiliation with the Dutch Property Value Institute (Nederlandse Woning Waarde Instituut, NWWI) and the Dutch Register of Property Appraisers (Nederlands Register voor Vastgoed Taxateurs, NRVT), we are validated and reliable appraisers. As a result, we also appraise properties for institutions, such as the Private Housing Guarantee Fund (Waarborgfonds Eigen Woningen, WEW), which is the executor for the National Mortgage Guarantee (Nationale Hypotheek Garantie, NHG).


Nowadays, due to the low interest rates, more and more people buy properties on either a small or a large scale, as an investment. They rent the homes out to make a nice profit. We can assist you during the search for a suitable property as well as help you with the regulations and other matters you need to pay attention to.

Because our agency is active on both sides of the rental market, we can give you sound advice on purchasing a home for rental. After the purchase, we can also take care of the entire process of furnishing, renting and managing.

Are you moving and thinking of keeping the current home as an investment? Feel free to contact us so we can guide you during the process.

Sub Rosa

Not every client chooses to advertise their property on Funda or other media, due to discretion and privacy. We offer the possibility of advertising a home exclusively within our own network. We will gladly tell you more about this service in a face-to-face conversation.

Are you interested in the properties in our portfolio? Feel free to contact us.

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